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A 22-year track record generating qualified, high quality sales leads using Email, Facebook, YouTube, Search & Display advertising channels.

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A trusted source of qualified, serious investors, the TMC database is a popular is both effective & fair - with a cost-per-lead pricing model, you can't lose!


A Facebook Agency Partner, TMC creates amazing video ads and powerful retargeting sequences to deliver quality leads at costs nobody else can match.

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High impact video adverts shown to buying-ready hot prospects - a winning combination that performs unbelievably well (at scale) for ambitious clients.


A certified expert in Google search PPC advertising, TMC uses deep keyword research, smart setup & fine optimisation for an endless flow of high-intent leads.

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Limitless prospecting and retargeting strategies that use Google's vast network of website partners to put your adverts in front of the right audience.


List your investments or property for sale on the TMC network of portals to ensure they get seen - incredible value, with huge prepayment discounts.

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A unique opportunity to join a mastermind group and learn from the very best at lead generation for property & investments - a 12-week power program.

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Real Estate Industry Categories

Property Investments

The global cross-border market for rental property investments has never been bigger.


We help you reach qualified international investors looking for the next buy to let deal.

New Home Developments

If you're marketing a project, you'll know that simply listing on portals just isn't enough.


We will run targeted or blanket campaigns that reach a bigger set of active prospects online.

Holiday Home Resorts

Holiday homes and resort developments are rarely sold by local agents to local buyers.


We help you tap into demand from multiple markets and can advertise in any language.

Residential Property

Many property agents have a strategy that combines local and international elements.


We can help you attract potential buyers from domestic markets as well as from overseas.

Prestige & Rare Luxury

Some properties are not for all buyers and need to be shown to a discerning, affluent audience.


We love marketing trophy assets, heritage buildings & high spec new developments!


Many modern investors like crowdfunding platforms as their preferred route to market.


We run campaigns with great adverts, smart retargeting & efficient automation systems.

Commercial Real Estate

Many international investors are now considering commercial property assets.


We help you target a mix of professional, institutional investors and intermediaries.

Second Citizenship

Second passports & residency visas are the motivation for many cross border sales.


We can help your firm compete for lucrative new citizenship and immigration clients.

Alternative Investments

Many property investors are also interested in diversifying their portfolio of investments.


We market stocks, shares, bonds, gold, wine, whisky, cars, stamps, art & watches…


If you need some clarity around getting the plan, channels, message and creative right for your campaign, grab a free 30-minute consultation call.

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