"Pushing emails to the TMC database feels almost risk-free: a proven list of buyers and cost per lead pricing."

Email Campaigns


Get an instant rush of inbound sales leads and pay only for the enquiries you receive.

Tap into a high-converting list of more than 150,000 buyers and investors who are actively looking at what’s in the market for a lifestyle or investment purchase.


Promote any new development, resort, or investment opportunity in a branded, totally dedicated mobile-responsive HTML design.


Introduce your market, business brand and showcase between 4 and 10 properties sharing a common location, price or other theme.


Promote your course, webinar, software, service or business to the right audience and get exposure, leads and a sales pipeline.

TMC has lists specifically for:

– Property Investments
International Lifestyle
– 12 Popular Countries
– 4 Specific Industry Niches
– Webinars & Courses
– Real Estate Professionals

Email Marketing Campaigns
Advertise on Email

After 20 years, email campaigns are still the bedrock of our business – they deliver consistently strong results for so many longstanding advertisers, which is why we get an 80% rebooking rate, a regular flow of referrals and so many satisfied clients.

Dan Johnson

CEO of TMC Property Media

Design Examples

HTML Email Design Example 1
HTML Email Design Example 2
HTML Email Design Example 3
HTML Email Design Example 4

Special Offer

How Cost Per Lead works

Lead Bundles

Leads are purchased and paid for in advance, along with any applicable charges for setup and advert creative.


50 leads @ £30


100 Leads @ £25


200 Leads @ £20

Creative Options


HTML Email

A beautiful, bespoke mobile-responsive newsletter design that’s created exclusively to showcase your offer.


Landing Page

Desktop & mobile landing pages with professional design and expert copywriting that will boost conversions.


First Order Only

  • List any new development, resort or investment 
  • Broadcast to a flagship list – Investment or Lifestyle
  • Offer showcased in high visibility website placements 
  • Featured listing stays live until the budget is finished
  • All-inclusive price with no hidden extras or upside risk

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