"Sending emails to the TMC database feels almost risk-free: a proven list of buyers and cost per lead pricing."

Email Campaigns


Get an instant rush of inbound sales leads and pay only for the enquiries you receive.

Tap into a high-converting list of more than 150,000 buyers and investors who are actively looking at what’s in the market for a lifestyle or investment purchase.


Our investors look for any opportunity that can reliably deliver income, capital growth or both.


New build residential projects that can be used for buy to let, or as serviced accommodation.


Resort developments for 2nd homes or rental in city, beach, ski, golf or rural tourist regions.

TMC has lists specifically for:

– Property Investments
International Lifestyle
– 12x Popular Countries
– 4x Property Categories
– Webinars & Courses
– B2B Industry Database

Email Marketing Campaigns
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After 20 years, email campaigns are still the bedrock of our business – they deliver consistently strong results for so many longstanding advertisers, which is why we get an 80% rebooking rate, a regular flow of referrals and so many satisfied clients.

Dan Johnson

CEO of TMC Property Media

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Special Offer

How Cost Per Lead works

Lead Bundles

Leads are purchased and paid for in advance, along with any applicable charges for setup and advert creative.


50 leads @ £30


100 Leads @ £25


200 Leads @ £20

Creative Options


HTML Email

A beautiful, bespoke mobile-responsive newsletter design that’s created exclusively to showcase your offer.


Landing Page

Desktop & mobile landing pages with professional design and expert copywriting that will boost conversions.


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