"LinkedIn helps us reach high calibre institutional investors and partners"

Use text ads, sponsored content, or InMail messages to reach business owners or senior executives in professional groups or specific industries.

LinkedIn Features

Pay per click campaigns that work best for business-to-business marketing goals

LinkedIn is a premium advertising network that works best when you need to focus on a specific type of audience – it’s best used for raising capital, selling commercial property, or building an agent network.

LinkedIn Pricing Options

PRO Managed Model

Clients pay a fixed percentage of the media budget as a management fee, setup & creative is charged separately.

PRO Managed Fees


Up to £5,000


Up to £20,000


Up to £50,000

Fast Setup


No Setup Cost

Full Setup


Onboarding Fee

Creative Options


Text & Image Ads


Simple Video


Premium Video


LinkedIn Lead Forms


Landing Page

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